About us

Our History

Icon Engineering Services (IES) began its journey with a small geotechnical engineering laboratory and undertook geotechnical investigation work for small private buildings in Dhaka only based on his education, past experience in home and abroad in the relevant field of geotechnical engineering and pile construction and good wishes of friends and ex-colleagues.

Top Projects At a Glance


Bored Pile Construction

Bored pile (also drilled shaft) is a type of cast-in-situ reinforced-concrete foundation that supports structures with heavy vertical loads.

  • Bored piling is commonly used for deep foundation structures like bridges, tall buildings, and massive industrial complexes.
  • Bored pile is preferable for its variable length, minimal excavation and vibration, low disturbance in the adjacent soil and higher load capacities at an economic cost.
  • Installing a bored pile starts with drilling a vertical hole into the soil, using a hydraulic drilling rig.
  • It is a highly specialized operation requiring extensive knowledge and experience of bored pile construction and engineering as well as soil and site conditions.

With a fleet of 10 hydraulic drilling rigs Icon Engineering Services Ltd. offers the best services for bored pile construction for piles of diameter upto 2.2 m and depth 75 m.

Driven Pile Installation

A driven pile is a prefabricated pile (of steel, concrete, etc) which is installed by impact hammering, vibrating or pushing it into the ground to a design depth.

  • Can be used for almost all types of construction, especially in aggressive soil conditions.
  • Advantageous in thick soft soil and is unaffected by ground water.
  • Faster installation process and no requirement for soil removal.
  • Drivability analysis and hammer selection using GRLWEAP.
  • Suitable for river bridge foundations, bridge abutments and piers, marine construction.

  • Icon Engineering Services Ltd. has driven steel and precast concrete piles with its existing 13 Diesel Hammers in various projects all over the country. IESL offers the best equipment in the industry with a team of experienced engineers and workers who can provide ideal pile driving solutions.

Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigations are performed to obtain physical information of soil through subsurface exploration, field tests and collection of soil samples at site to design foundations and repair distressed structures. We offer:

  • Offshore and land deep boring.
  • SPT and CPT based geotechnical survey
  • Deep soil coring – continuous soil sampling.
  • Deep boring by rotary method.
  • Soil sampling by piston and Maizer sampler.
  • Comprehensive own laboratory, equipped with the most modern software-based instrument support

Pile Load Test

Static pile load testing is one of the most common methods for testing the actual in-situ capacity of a pile. The test program involves the direct measurement of pile head displacement in response to a physically applied load.

  • High tonnage static pile load test, up to 3000 MT.
  • Static Pile load test by kentledge and anchor method.
  • Load measurement by vibrating wire load cell.
  • Displacement measurement by displacement transducer.
  • Instrumented pile load test.

QC and QA Tests for Pile

Icon Engineering Services Ltd. provides a good number of quality control and assurance tests for bored and driven piles. IESL maintains an internationally approved apparatus and a trained workforce for pile tests, and guarantees speedy and accurate reports. We offer:

  • Cross-hole Sonic Logging.
  • Pile IntegrityTest.
  • Pile Driving Analysis, PDA.
  • CAPWAP analysis.
  • Borehole Sonic Measurement using KODEN.