About Us

Icon Engineering Services (IES) is Bangladesh’s renowned foundation contractor. Established in 1991—under the leadership of Engineer Abu Mohammed MasudIES started out humbly in a rented garage; providing services for geotechnical investigation work, and bored pile construction. With the ever increasing demand for infrastructure development in Bangladesh, IES accumulated valuable experience for carrying out large scale deep foundation works. Human resources were developed alongside with incorporating new technology—which came in phases of IES’s two decades of history. With time, IES became one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering company in Bangladesh, especially for investigation, construction and testing work.

At present, the construction industry stubbornly refuses to utilize efficient, and modernized heavy machineries to carryout technically challenging and otherwise, time consuming jobs—especially when primitive technology is used. Consequently, the geotechnical engineering sector is refusing to modernize. Thus, this nation is still not on par with other developed nations when it comes to utilizing modernized technology; equipment; and methodology, prevalent in the international construction sector.

Since the inception of IES, one of our ultimate visions was to utilize modern machineries and practices essential for geotechnical engineering; and develop our human resources on par with the international geotechnical sector. All our focus is being collectively directed to become an epitome pioneer of this nation’s geotechnical works. This is being achieved by being the only geotechnical firm in this nation that has introduced and implemented: Hydraulic drilling rig for boring; CFA piling; performing static axial load tests using the most sophisticated and precise instruments—displacement transducers and load cell; and introducing dynamic testing of piles.

We have also taken initiatives to modernize the nation’s geotechnical investigation sector. At present, IES is the only geotechnical firm to implement the usage of auto-trip hammer to carryout standard penetration test (SPT). In addition, the entire operation is digitally recorded and submitted to our clients. In the process, the quality assurance is also guaranteed. Furthermore, it is also in our intention to introduce internationally accepted CPT; and seismic survey to clearly map out geotechnical features of a particular location.