Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

Feeding Helpless Peoples:
In spite of different scheme taken by the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and many NGO, we found many aged helpless peoples suffer sAeverely and starve. In rural area, after certain age, while peoples unable to earn for themselves, become dependable on son. There are groups those does not have son or sons does not caring parents. We found many helpless peoples, those does not have savings and cannot beg even and unable to earn minimum amount to buy food at least. Their requirement is not much, if a person can get even less than a Tk.1000.00, at least he can survive. This is not a big amount for a person who is well off in the society and we have decided to help them.
Accordingly, we have selected 25 person from our village and surrounding areas and started supply following food item from a local shop.
Food items are:

1. Rice -10 kg
2. Pulse – 0.5 kg
3. Potato-
4. Cooking oil- 200 ml
5. Egg – 4 pcs

A ration card had been issued to individuals with photograph, upon showing the ration card shopkeeper handed over the food items to individuals. Shopkeeper is being paid of later upon submission of invoice. Later we have supplied some dessert item ( Sugar, powder milk, shemai) during two Eid festival to have some in the morning of day of festival.
Later we observed that persons getting food are very much pleased and also their position in the family also upgraded because they earn at least something by themselves, and program become successful. Thus, we have increased the beneficiaries number to 167 persons and for food they do not need to ask for.

Community Health Care:
The people in the rural area still believe that illness is god gifted and will be recovered automatically. Many persons can easily be found those not checked their blood pressure even once in lifetime. Many persons have hypertension and they does not know and suddenly attacked stroke i.e. brain hemorrhage, as result body or a part become paralyzed if survived. After attack, kabiraz is called inspite of going to hospital for treatment. People believe, this type of paralysis is due to bad air of evil or dwarf.

Another type of crisis or health condition we observed i.e. healthcare of pregnant women. Peoples in the rural area do not believe special care is needed for pregnant women and medical advice to be obtained from doctor about different medical conditions, life style, supplementary foods and vitamins.

Thus, we have decided to overcome the crisis and to help the peoples with minimum cost and arrange a free Friday clinic in our village. We talked to senior doctor friend and requested Dr. Shahidullah to arrange one doctor who can attain once in a week. Dr. Shahidullah helped us and a clinic has been opened and maintained since 2012, under the banner of Abdul Aziz Kalyan Trust.

Free Friday clinic activities:
Screening hyper tension patient: Hyper tension patients are screened and medicine for hypertension supplied to them regularly free of cost.

Supply free medicine and vitamins for pregnant women and children. Advice given to pregnant women about safe delivery, life style, food habit and different medical conditions.

Check blood sugar on the spot and limited medicine supplied free of cost. Advice given to diabetic patient about life style, food habit, exercise, different medical conditions and risks of diabetes.

Health advice and treatment given for different medical conditions.

Comprehensive Treatment Program:
Under this program, we provide comprehensive treatment to poor people, preferably young boys and girls who suffered from curable fatal or deadly diseases. Preferences generally given to those who are young, diseases are curable and have high chances of disability if not treated properly. The program includes cost of doctor’s fee, investigations, medicine, hospitalization and diet, until complete or substantial cure.

Cataract Remove Program:

Cataract is not a fatal or deadly disease, but severe cataract might make someone’s life miserable. Treatment is very simple, a small surgery is required to remove turbid cataract and replaced by new lance.

To help the affected peoples we had arranged eye camp for screening cataract. Subsequently patients were taken to hospital, cataract were removed and replaced by artificial lances. The services include cost of doctor’s fee, investigations, medicine, hospitalization, diet and transportation from our place to hospital and back. The services also include follow-up visit in the hospital.

1. 1st eye camp: Arranged in 2011 and 96 numbers of peoples were successfully treated in Lion’s Hospital at Agaergaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2. 2nd eye camp: Arranged in 2012 and 75 numbers of peoples were successfully treated in Islamia Eye Hospital, Jamalpur, Bangladesh.

3. 3rd eye camp: Arranged in 2013 and 65 numbers of peoples were successfully treated in BNS Eye Hospital, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Infra-structure Development: