Bored Pile Construction

Bored cast-in-situ RC pile technology is the most popular deep foundation construction method, which introduced in the country, by few foreign companies, since late sixties of last century. Unfortunately, no significant advancement accomplished to improve quality. Due to quality issue many of the designer dos not interested to use bored pile unless in unavoidable circumstances. But, in many cases bored pile is the only answer where, deep foundation is required, large load to be transferred, in urban areas especially, for buildings in urban area, flyovers, bridges and power plants.
Major challenges of the industry prevailing in the country are:

  • Lack of knowledge and skills.
  • Shortage of skill manpower.
  • Shortage of good piling contractors, having skilled manpower and proper equipment.

Due to these reasons, we are not getting good piles and piles are being constructed with defecting shafts and without or very little toe resistance. We are trying to meet the challenges by:

  • Providing training to engineers through training center of Public Works Department, Local Government Engineering Department and Bangladesh Engineering Staff College.
  • Introducing new technology from developed country.
  • Procure advanced equipment and instruments.
  • Improving skills of workers through on job and in house training.

Based on best of our past experience and knowledge, we have developed and established following techniques to improve quality of bored pile.

  • Central quality control management by close end monitoring of field activities.
  • Proper flashing of borehole under reverse flow.
  • Impact flashing of borehole.
  • Accomplish first batch requirement.
  • Proper timmie placement and trimie handling.
  • Maneuver choke or clog trimie during concrete pouring.
  • Selection and follow proper methodology.

Brief history of bored pile:
Started from very small job of BEXIMCO Engineering Ltd at Hathazari Chittagong, IES increased their capability many folds and presently, achieve ability to undertake any size of project with any size of bored pile. Onset, they had started bored pile work by tripod rig, and introduced mechanical rotary technique in 2006 in Arch Bridge Project on Lake between linking Banani and Gulshan in Dhaka city. Late they have used this technique in Hatirjheel project, Matikata-Airport road flyover and many bridges of LGED.

They have procured one hydraulic rig SOILMEC SR-30 in the year of 2012 and presently, they have four hydraulic rig in their fllet including one BOUER BG 20 and many other support equipment like crawler crane, vibro-hammer, concrete pump and many more.

Yearly Turnover last five years: Work volume execute in year summarizes

  • 2014-15:
  • 2013-14:
  • 2012-13:
  • 2011-12:
  • 2010-11:


Milestone Projects: