Pile Testing

To evaluate movement and deformation of pile shaft under load are the main objectives of pile load test. During early stages, IES started pile load test work, their 1st job was to conduct pile load test in compression on a pre-cast concrete pile for a bridge at Talma, PS- Boda, District- Panchagar under Local Government Engineering Department. Journey started at Talma with a 60t static axial pile load test, presently capable and equipped to conduct very high tonnage load test, up to 2500 ton test. We are now on the top of the list of pile load testing contractor of the country.

Apart from these, IES is now fully equipped with all the latest technology and devices used in industrially and technologically advanced countries. Very recently, IES has introduced instrumented pile load test. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Measuring applied load by load cell, up to 2000 ton,
  • Pile movement measured by displacement transducer.
  • Use of hemi-spherical seat to minimize eccentric load.
  • Data logger and electric readout unit for electronic data acquisition.
  • Measuring deformation of concrete pile shaft by using onetime concrete embedment strain gauges at different level of pile shaft.

Presently, following pile load test services available with us:

  • High tonnage static axial compression pile load test by kentledge method using concrete block.
  • High tonnage static axial compression pile load test by anchor method.
  • High tonnage static axial uplift/ tensile pile load test.
  • Lateral pile load test.