Setting Up: 1991- 1997

Icon Engineering Services Ltd. launched late in 1991 by Engr. Abu Mohammed Masud, without any Financial investment and without any employee on the payroll. It initiated with a very small geotechnical laboratory setup in a rented garage. In early 1992, Beximco Engineering Ltd awarded a small contract of bored pile work for Rangunia– Hathazaree electrical transmission line at Chittagong. That was the beginning and later in the following years IES did many small diameter bored pile construction projects and completed successfully. Few of them are mentioned here- UGC building, laundry building of Hotel Sonergaon, Parishankhyan Bhaban at Agargaon, Twin tower, Concord Grand at Shantinagar, Concord Regency at Panthapath, Golf Heights at Banani, ShundarbanTechnopark at Darussalam etc and many other small building projects.

Decade for Stabilization: 1998- 2006

At the onset, IES faced a lot of troubles due to faulty workmanship of outsourced mechanical work that resulted in huge backlog and idle time. To overcome the crisis, IES set-up one mechanical workshop and started repair and maintenance of their own equipment and machines and IES got new momentum in site works. During this period we have constructed bored pile by conventional method for many prestigious projects having national importance. Among them bored pile for Hatubhanga bridge on Bangshi river at Mirzapore, Crown Cement Ltd at Mukterpur, Dhaka-Sylhet highway under Ircon International Ltd, Hz Shah Paran Bridge on Sylhet bipass road, Lafarge Surma Cement plant at Chattak under Lerson & Toubro Ltd, Kin Bridge Sylhet etc and many other projects are notable. During this period IES also started nondestructive pile testing work – PIT, Pile integrity test and PDA, High Strain Dynamic Testing for quality assurance test of pile foundation. Also, procured equipment for high tonnage pile load test work and conducted many pile load test having test load more than 500 ton.

Stage of Development: 2007-2012

In 2007, we had undertaken a large diameter bored pile work for Arch bridge on Gulshan Lake between Banani and Gulshan. Technical specification restricted the rotary boring method to follow. IES have rented one table drive rotary drilling rig for the work but failed to accomplish drilling. As a result, engineers and workers had been humiliated and insulted by the client and consultant. IES took that as a challenge and started brainstorming to develop a machine to accomplish the job. Finally, collected old components from Dholaykhal and assembled in their own workshop to make a drilling machine and finally succeeded and finished the piling work by newly developed rotary boring machine. This is a milestone development of IES which boosted engineers and workers to go ahead.

Presently, Icon Engineering Services Ltd. has a big fleet of construction and successfully used in many prestigious projects of the country like- Hatirjheel integrated development project, Mirpur- airport road flyover, box girder bridge on river Brahmaputra at Gaffargaon, Y-bridge on river Titas at Bancharampur, bridges on Mahananda at Chapai, Gangachara bridge on river Teesta in Rangpur etc.

Another new division started on by procuring new diesel hammers and pile drivers to undertake many projects. Such as the 22,000 Flat construction project of RAJUK. IES procured new diesel hammers from Delmag, and now, have a fleet of diesel hammers ranging from D22 to D46 with pile drivers and are at the top of the list of contractors having the highest number and heaviest diesel hammers and pile drivers.

During this time IES have widened and introduced High Strain Dynamic Pile Test by procuring two sets of Pile Driving Analyzers and Pile Integrity Testers from Pile Dynamics Inc, USA and engineers and technicians obtained certification from overseas training and proficiency test from PDCA & PDI. IES procured 2500 ton and 1500 ton test setups and expanded their ability to conduct static pile load test up to 2500 ton. IES also procured half dozen vibrating wire load cells, displacement transducers, 16 channel data logger, readout unit for instrumentation of static pile load test. This is a new horizon and IES became the only service provider for instrumented pile load test.

Advancement with New Technology: 2013 onwards

Since inception, IES always looked forward with a vision to utilize modern machinery and practices essential for geotechnical engineering; and develop human resources on par with the international geotechnical sector. All their focuses are being collectively directed to become a leader of this nation’s geotechnical service sector. This has already been achieved and IES has become the only piling and testing contractor in the country, who have introduced: Hydraulic drilling rig for bored cast-in-situ pile; fleet of new diesel hammers; CFA piling; performing static axial load tests using the most sophisticated and precise instruments displacement transducers and load cell; and introducing dynamic testing of piles.

IES have also taken initiatives to modernize the nation’s geotechnical investigation sector. At present, IES is the only geotechnical firm to implement the usage of an auto-trip hammer to carry out standard penetration test (SPT) and has developed double tube thin walled vacuum sampler for collection of undisturbed soil samples. In addition, the entire operation is digitally recorded and submitted to our clients. In the process, the quality assurance is also guaranteed. Furthermore, it is also in our intention to introduce internationally accepted CPT; and seismic survey to clearly map out geotechnical features of a particular location. Icon Engineering Services Ltd. has been established as a proprietorship concern and later incorporated as a limited company and registered in 2015.