To measure the movement and deformation of pile shaft under load are the main objectives of pile load test. During the early stages, IES started pile load test work, their first job was to conduct pile load test in compression on a pre-cast concrete pile for a bridge at Talma, PS- Boda, District- Panchagar under Local Government Engineering Department. Journey started at Talma with a 60 ton static axial pile load test, presently capable and equipped to conduct very high tonnage load test, up to 3000 ton test. We are now on the top of the list of pile load testing contractor of the country.

Apart from these, IES is now fully equipped with all the latest technology and devices used in industrially and technologically advanced countries. Very recently, IES has introduced instrumented pile load test.

Available Services

1 Pile load test up to 3,000 MT in compression
2 Pile load test; kentledge method using concrete block.
3 Uplift pile load test.
3 Lateral pile load test
3 Load measurement by Load Cell
3 Settlement measurement by displacement transducer.
3 Electronic data acquisition by data logger and readout unit.
3 Pile load test instrumentation; using strain gauges.



  • 1555 MT ~ 920 MT, 3 nos. Test for DMRT Line-6, CP-05
  • 775 MT Test for Cross Border Road Network Improvement Project (CBRNIP), Package A1 (Kalna Bridge)
  • 900 MT Test for Bengal Hotels & Resorts.
  • 700 MT Test for Meghna PVC Plant, Meghna.
  • 800 MT & 600MT Test for Kalshi flyover Project.
  • 790 MT Test for Khulna Mongla Port Rail Line Project.
  • 600 MT Test for DMRT, Line-6, CP-02
  • 3058 MT ~ 895 MT, 9 nos. Test for DMRT, Line-6, CP-03 & 04.
  • 1000 MT ~ 700 MT, 3 nos. Test for Dhaka-Khulna Highway (N8) Improvement Project, Bhanga, Faridpur
  • 1200 MT Test for BRAC University Main Campus, Dhaka.
  • 1300 MT Test for VRM Project, Muktepur, Munshigonj.
  • 700 MT Test for Drum Storage Warehouse Project, Kaurghat, Chittagong.
  • 400 MT Test for Kushiara bridge over the river Kushiara.
  • 400 MT Test for Bashundhara oil and gas company.
  • 600 MT Test for General Pharma Head office building at Uttara, Dhaka.
  • 650 MT Test for Mohipal flyover project at Feni.
  • 600 MT Test for Construction of 4 lane flyover at Bhulta.
  • 510 MT & 500 MT Test for SASEC road connectivity project.
  • 630 MT Test for SASEC road connectivity project Contract-1, Konabari, Gazipur
  • 521 MT Test for Dharla Bridge project at Kurigram.
  • 500 MT & 644 MT Test for Bangabandhu academy for poverty alleviation & rural development, Gopalgonj
  • 830 MT Test for PGCB Head Office Building.
  • 1350 MT Test for Ashugonj 450MW Power plant (North).
  • 660 MT, 2 nos. Test for Dhaleshwari Bridge Project, Tangail.
  • 850 MT Test for 950m long PC girder bridge at Kurigram.
  • 500 MT Test for Ghorashal power plant.
  • 1340 MT ~ 585 MT, 3 nos. Test for Padma multipurpose bridge project.
  • 944 MT Test for Moghbazar Mouchak Flyover Project.
  • 640 MT Test for 950m long Pc girder bridge at Kurigram.
  • 740 MT & 570 MT Test for Titas railway Bridge project.
  • 616 MT Test for 225 MW Power Plant at Khulna.

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