The Vision :

Our vision is to be a vanguard of comprehensive geotechnical engineering service provider in the country by the power of knowledge, technology, machinery, and human resources. Our prime vision is to develop present geotechnical engineering practice by incorporating modern technology practiced in developed world and to improve skills of local engineers and entrepreneurs. We believe in commitment to the profession, advancement of technology and provide the best services to the client.

The Philosophy & Mission :

Long back, in mid-fifties of last century, geotechnical engineering services i.e. soil investigation and bored pile construction have been introduced in the then East Pakistan under the entrepreneurship of Swiss Boring, later, the company switched over to Soiltech International Ltd in the year of 1971, just after the independence of the country. Other than Soiltech International Ltd, few other companies grew under the leadership of local engineers, and started practicing geotechnical engineering in real life project. But work volume failed to attract others to this profession.

Over time, the economy of the country gained momentum and development work volume amplified but this specialized geotechnical engineering did not move forward, rather, we want to say, quality and services declined. Non-professionals dominated the industry and in most cases people took it simply as business. Now it’s time to set a new benchmark and set on our missions to:

  • Incorporate updated technology.
  • Procure modern equipment and instrument.
  • Improve skills of local engineers and entrepreneur.
  • Develop human resources.